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Lora Lee – August 7th, 2014

Aug 7 at Mad Gallery – Lora Lee, Heather Miles, Music by Gray Matter – Special Guest, Cynthia Cloud

Lora Lee is a local metalsmith/artist living in Calhoun, La., with her husband Wayne, daughter Makayla, and Steve, their dog. Lora Lee was always artistic but she became inspired when Wayne gave her a promise ring he made her from a coin. Fascinated, she had him show her how to make one and she took off from there. Lora Lee makes most of her jewelry from recycled/salvaged metals and coins. Her designs have been published in Bead Trends Magazine and can be seen in the April and July 2013 issues. Lora Lee was an Artist In Action for the 2012 Art With A View.

Constantly growing and evolving, Lora Lee has started making paper and metal sculptures. These very large intricate metal works involves many hours of cutting, bending and hammering to shape her pieces into unique original pieces of art. Her works tend to be inspired by nature, Mother Earth and many have a spiritual background. One of her metal sculptures –  Liwet, The Angel of Invention. Features 4 foot wide wings with intricately cut, hammered and curled recycled copper feathers and a paper bust covered in pennies.

Being a metal artist is very labor intensive job. It takes a lot of dedication and devotion as each piece usually requires lots of pounding to shape and form her jewelry and sculptures. Her rings typically take her 10-12 hours of labor to make. Her metal sculpture, Liwet, took her a month to create. Creating with paper has allowed her to create more flowing and feminine sculptures. While these are not as physically demanding they do require more patience.

Lora Lee will be exhibiting sculptures dipicting The Maiden, The Dreamer, The Mother, and The Warrior and original hand forged and crafted jewelry on August 7, 2014, at MAD Gallery at 130 Art Alley in Monroe for the Downtown Gallery Crawl from 5pm until 9pm. To see more of her work you can also find her jewelry and sculptures at Centsations on Etsy and Facebook.


Heather Ramsey Miles is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Louisiana at Monroe with a concentration in Ceramics.  After many years in the banking industry she decided life would be more fulfilling as a full-time artist, creating and helping other people unlock their creative potential.  In addition to ceramics, Heather works with wood, paint, sculpture, welding, and sewing.  Heather also pursues art as both physical and emotional therapy for herself and is working to help others use art as an expressive and therapeutic exercise. Clay ceramics in particular is a very physical medium, and its benefits have been studied as an adjunct therapy for stroke recovery, PTSD, and cancer survivors.


Cynthia K. Cloud – Will be featuring her icyndicreations Sea Scapes sculptures – All Sea Scapes are completely unique and natural. There has been no dies or paints added to improve the color. They are completely waterproof and can be utilized outside as well as in your home. Cyndi will be in the foyer of Mad Gallery, opening up this space for display of art for the first time to the public.


Gray Matter – Acoustic jamnation, dead style improvisation, swampy bayou style innovation, crawfish toe flavored relaxation, wrapped up in a hurricane libation 😉


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