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Andrea May Hinton, Lora Lee, Cyndi Kennedy – June 4th, 2015

Food will be provided by Sage – Music by Gray Matter

Andrea May Hinton

is walking in a rainbow. May said, ”My June 4th show is a Color Explosion, with bold vibrant colors and designs.  I have incorporated my style into this new body of work.”  Selling more than 200 custom paintings this year, Award winning; Hinton will be using pop art style while giving her own original twist.

Hinton best known for her very colorful pet portraits is excited to show again at the MAD Gallery in downtown Monroe.  Her custom art has been shipped all over the world.   New Zealand, Canada and Switzerland are a few locales as well as all over the U.S.  Hinton explained,” Artists have a captive audience now with social media. I get most of my orders now thru, “Andrea The Pampered Artist” Facebook page. Cross posting from my personnel page as I complete each piece, drives more likes, and builds my audience. I am close to 8 thousand on my fan page now. My followers give me inspiration, which fuels for creative flow.”

“I am working on a study of pets and their humans, using locals and their felines and dogs, as well as a few Hollywood icons that are easy to recognize. Famous cats and their humans, Dogs and their humans, and Famous celebrities such as Lucille Ball, The Blues Brothers, Andy Warhol, Einstein, Queen Elizabeth,” Hinton said. “I want to capture the colors of life that surround our pets and the human soul.”

Lora Lee

Expressions In Paper

“ Each creation has a life of it’s own, I create what I feel and what piques my interest. ” 

I have used paper as my medium to build this June show. The art may be any subject, but will have a paper base. Recycle the trees, and bring discarded paper back into an object to keep.” Artist LoraLee

Several artists will be doing an encore show at the MADD Gallery, LoraLee is one. She has expanded her creations from metal, gem jewelry, and metal forged art to using this very light medium of paper. Art should have a connection to the buyer. That is why I create in a style to capture imagination and mood.”

The June 4th Art Crawl in Downtown Monroe is a place for artists to show outside of their work areas. They gather response to what they create and also sell to the people looking for a piece of local art.

LoraLee, “A bright vibrant color is shown to reflect light in my bowls. Each bowl is created and molded by hand then engraved and painted into beautiful bold colors. I also have the natural white and tracings combined with one pop of color. Creating small statues that may have meaning to the patrons has been a show of love from me. One is a mother with baby.”

LoraLee is a full time artist and has a rural workshop that gives her able space and light for her creations. LoraLee uses social media and local events to get her art out to the masses.

Cynthia Kennedy 

Will be featuring her icyndicreations Seascapes sculptures – All Seascapes are completely unique and natural. There has been no dies or paints added to improve the color. They are completely waterproof and can be utilized outside as well as in your home. Cyndi will be in the foyer of Mad Gallery, opening up this space for display of art for the first time to the public.

Artist Statement

Hello, My name is Cyndi. I am originally from North Carolina where I received my inspiration to become an artist. I love traveling to see the world and minister in missions. I am what people call a prophetic artist. I seek Holy Spirit before I attempt to create any artistic work. I hope you will enjoy these prayer filled works of art and know that I am praying for you when ever you gaze at it’s beauty.

“When you feel broken & washed up on the shores of life, left for dead, God takes the broken pieces and makes something beautiful out of them ~ you.”


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