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Robert and Linda Ward – Dec. 5th 2013

Robert Ward is a practicing and exhibiting artist, who specializes in acrylic on canvas painting. He holds an MFA in painting from Louisiana Tech University, an MA in painting from the University of Iowa, and a BFA in fine arts from Illinois Wesleyan University.

Originally from Peoria, Illinois, Ward came to NLSC/NLU/ULM to direct the studio program in painting. In addition to his concentration on painting, the artist served as director of the ULM Bry Art Gallery, as a director of the Eye Twenty Group, and he was active on the exhibitions committee of the Masur Museum of Art.

Although he hasn’t retired from painting, Ward retired from ULM as full professor in 2008. He is currently serving as a board member of the Union Arts Council in Farmerville and the North Central Louisiana Arts Council in Ruston. Ward’s artwork can be seen at his blog,

Artist’s Statement

“Two years ago, Linda and I moved to the south shore of Lake D’arbonne. In the past, I often painted landscape images, but now I find myself living in a landscape – believe me, this is a totally different situation.

My paintings in the MAD collection are all painted from sites within five miles of our home in Union Parish. These works are not literal transcriptions of my chosen subject matter. I refigured the images (making compositional alterations, deletions, and embellishments) plus spent a great deal of time enhancing my color applications.”

Bob’s artwork: “Georgia Bell’s Pond” & ” Roxie’s Playground”

Roxie's Playground_acrylic on canvas_2012_22x28 inches

Georgia Bell's Pond_acrylic on canvas_2012_22.5x30 inches

Linda Snider Ward

Artist Statement & brief bio

Upside Down and Downside Up is a series of drawings that I’ve created over the past five years. Although some of the pieces have been shown individually, the overall collection has never been shown together. Each piece starts with an ink pen drawing, but I do not draw in pencil first, allowing the images to take shape as I move through the piece. Watercolor is then added. Line is always the most dominate element in my work and color is secondary. Many of the shapes, creatures, images within this body of work are repeated and have personal meaning to me. For example, my sisters and me are represented anywhere that a grouping of three appears.”

Linda Snider Ward holds a Master of Fine Arts (drawing and painting) from Louisiana Tech University and a Master of Art (English/creative writing) from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. She is a member of the River Gallery, the Colored Pencil Society of America, the International Equine Artists, and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Linda is the founder and administrator of Watercolor Wednesdays, a website for aspiring and professional children’s book illustrators. More of Linda’s artwork can be seen at

Linda is semi-retired and has returned to her studio full time, but she often teaches as an adjunct at Louisiana Delta Community College. She is currently serving as a board member of the Union Arts Council in Farmerville and the North Central Louisiana Arts Council in Ruston.


1. “Upside Down & Downside Up”   (ink pen & watercolor)

2. detail of “Upside Down & Downside Up”

3. “Things with Wings” (ink pen & watercolor)




2 comments on “Robert and Linda Ward – Dec. 5th 2013

  1. Bobbie Mathieu
    December 12, 2013

    would like to inquire if Things with Wings is for sale and the price

    • Mark Alan Dooley
      December 12, 2013

      Yes, it is currently at the gallery and is marked at $1500 by the artist – MAD

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